Sunday, April 24, 2011

Homeless School(For Edweek)

Shot this story on a school for homeless kids in Downtown San Diego last week. It was a bit challenging because there were so many legal issues involved with photographing the students(as you could imagine). Also, it is never easy to shoot when an administrator is behind your back directing you on which kids can and cannot be photographed. Of course some of my favorite shots were not approved because the 1 kid in the background who wasn't signed-off for photos. But, that's the nature of the biz and you just work with what you're given. One of the things that was even more challenging than most schools I've shot in was the kids were all privy as to why I was there(A.K.A they were on to me) For many, it was a great source of embarrassment, for others, they had seen many a camera before. How do you explain to a kid, especially one in High School, that by posting your picture for the world to see, might help raise funds for the school or help develop similar schools in other cities. They just want to be regular kids and not have that "Homeless Teenager" stigma over them.
Anyway, they were of course like any other kids you see in all socio-economic communities. Some sweet, some rambunctious, some angry, and most of all just longing to be seen as normal.

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