Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All Action and no Talk

Big week around the world as Bin Laden went down by a group of highly trained Navy Seals in a flawless raid on his compound in Pakistan. Around here in San Diego, where the Seals train, it was a all-quiet around the military bases as most sailors and marines kept mum on the subject. As the famous Seal motto goes "loose Lips Sink Ships" This is a sharp contrast to a variety of editors who are frothing at the mouth trying to get some kind of reaction. So, for most of the week it was hanging out near the bases, asking people with crew cuts how they felt about the operation and getting denied any kind of statement. It actually seemed as though the entire military, including all branches, got a memo not talk to us. I've done this a million times after wartime triumphs and always managed to get something. In a way it's probably best that they didn't say much because we don't want to appear to be gloating. Anyway, what a great time for the world to be rid of this mass murderer

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