Friday, May 13, 2011

Campo Border

Had a slow day so decided to jump in the car with a few photo buddies and head to the border out in Campo, CA. Looks like Obama will start focusing on immigration issues again after a visit to Texas. I guess he's been busy getting the economy kick-started, killing Bin Laden and making a complete fool out of Trump. I didn't mind the wait.
Anyhoo, Campo has always been a very visual place since it's up in the mountains and has really beautiful scenery all around. Most border spots are just dry, barren desert areas. Also, there are always a few crusty old Minutemen up there on patrol. One of them actually came up and offered us a nice tour of some of the hotspots and a memorial cross to a border patrol agent that was just killed by drug smugglers. It was a good time and always nice to get away from the office.

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