Sunday, July 17, 2011

Military Pride (for Getty)

I shot a large contingency of gay and straight military personnel over the weekend who were marching in the SD Gay Pride Parade. It was a somewhat historic event in that it was the first time gay service members have been able to openly participate in the event. It also comes as the military's Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy comes to a slogging end.
I thought it was a cool thing. Every year it seems as though issues of gay rights become more and more accepted in mainstream society. Maybe it's because I live in California, or maybe because I surround myself with progressive friends, but it just seems so trivial to discriminate against folks who are gay, or for that matter, any reason.
I always kinda laugh when I see some political, Right wing blow-hard come out on Fox News yapping about gays being Barbarians or some kind of Satanic heathen. I automatically assume they are hiding the inevitable. I mean, did you see Marcus Bachman dancing with wife Michelle last week. Stay tuned;)

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