Monday, August 15, 2011

All American 2011

I covered the 2011 All American Baseball Classic for the 5th year over the last few days. The tournament included the top 46 High School juniors in the nation who came out to San Diego for 4 days of seminars, scrimmages, a visit to a children's hospital and ended with an East West game at Petco Park. It's a blast to shoot because it was more of a documentary of their week as opposed to just having to shoot action shots of each player. I find it much more interesting photographing the players behind the scenes while they are just joshing around, eating, playing video games, wrestling with each other and all other opportunities that show them just being kids. Very soon, these big young men are going to have to grow up real fast. So many eyes are on them from the scouts, the colleges, universities, their peers, younger and older adoring fans and the sports media. It's a very exciting time but one or maybe 2 slip-ups and they could do some serious damage to their careers. That's a lot of pressure for a High School kid.
Anyhoo, everyone behaved, played some great baseball and had a good time.

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