Friday, September 9, 2011


I suppose this will go down in the San Diego history books as the great blackout of 2011. It's hard to believe 1 guy flipped the wrong switch and all of SoCal, 1.4 million folks, from Orange County to New Mexico to Northern Baja Mexico, lost power for about 12 hours. I'm thinking somebody lost their job. Ya think!?
The shooting part was pretty hard to show, especially when it was still light out. First of all, everyone took this thing in stride, no panic, just a bit of crankiness. it happened to be a gorgeous day so no one seemed to care too much. I tried to hit places where travelers would be like the airport and hotels, then decided to go downtown to get San Diego with no lights.
It was fun seeing everyone, in the dark, all pulling together neighborhood parties. The best thing about the blackout was time spent with friends and family without TV's cell phones, and other digital distraction, like blogging. It was kinda like a little camping trip at our own homes.

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