Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fallow Fields(For The NY Times)

I have a feeling shooting these water rights stories are going to become much more common as the West gets more crowded and our thirst for water increases. Many Farmers in the Imperial Valley are being paid to let their land go fallow(not planted) by the gubment so that us big city folk have more of the wet stuff to feed out golf courses, swimming pools, lawns, and take those long hot showers. Some of the farmers naturally don't mind making easy money but some of the more socially minded ones see the impact it has on the whole community. If you don't plant nuthin, there ain't nobody to pick nuthin, and then the picker people got no money to buy nuttin from the local stores. It's a chain reaction.
In any event, our world's diminishing water supply is going to be cause for many ugly battles in the very near future.

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