Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street San Diego

As if you are not too oversaturated with images from Occupy Wall Street rallies around the Nation, I am adding a few more shots to the mix. It's San Diego so go easy on me. We have great weather and beautiful beaches so it's always hard for our fair protesters to get too pissed-off about anything.
I decided to hit the madness at night as rumors were the police were going to kick the protesters out of the Civic Center courtyard to make way for theater-goers the next day. I thought it sounded like a pretty fair thing. They Po Po even relented a bit and said they could stay but had to tear down their camps.
One thing that struck me as I got there was how the crowd seemed to be a majority of those Anarchists, homeless teens, street folks, Che Guevara fans and a smattering of working class citizens. The smells of incense, BO and some strange grasses filled the air along with the sounds of guitars and bongo drums. I felt like I was outside of a Phish concert.
Anyway, not to get too political but I'm really jazzed that people are taking to the streets for such a worthy cause. This is how real change is brought about. I just kinda wish they'd hone their message a bit more. We just seem to be giving the other side a lot of ammunition to paint these protesters as pot-smoking hippies that have no real agenda. The Tea Party, with all it's misguided agenda, seems to stick to one dumbed down message of smaller government. Someone needs to get in there and sharpen them up to appeal to our sound-bite society.
One last thing, if you go to participate or shoot one of these protests, go pee first.

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