Monday, October 10, 2011

Refugee Garden

It was really refreshing covering a positive story for a change about refugees from war torn countries such as Liberia, Somalia, Ethiopia and others who have taken to community gardening here in San Diego. The International Rescue Committee has helped establish a nationwide network of these urban gardens where folks can grow veggies and herbs from their native lands and sell them at a market every weekend . I visited a farmers market one Saturday in the City Heights section of town and felt as though I was in a foreign land. Women from Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and many other nations were all haggling for the freshest fare, while vendors were selling fresh cooked foods from Honduras, Mexico(of course) and Japan. Mind you this is San Diego, which is a bit like the color of a band-aide.
The real beauty of the story is people of many origins coming to the U.S., growing their native foods, making a buck at it, all the while contributing this great salad bowl we call America.

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