Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fisker(For Conde Naste Traveler)

Shot a fun travel piece around L.A. that focused on this brand new luxury electric car called a Fisker. The story's focus was on fun stops along Mulholland Drive and Malibu that one could drive in a day. Many of these photos focused on a biker joint called The Rock. It seemed like a gathering point for motorcyclists to swap stories and show off their bikes. Now, this wasn't your normal Hell's Angels type of joint with big, bad dudes ready to kick some ass at a wrong glance. These were mostly wealthy gentlemen who sported fine Italian biker ware and Cuban Cigars and 100k+ custom Harley's. It's L.A. though, I would expect nothing less.
We then rode down into Malibu, had lunch on the water, and hit a few prime scenic spots to shoot pix. It's funny the unwarranted respect you get when you drive around in a fancy car. People are always looking at you trying to see if you're some celebrity, the valet's park your car up front to make their restaurant look more important and then there is always some douch-bag in a souped up Hyundai trying to get you to drag race. It all makes us normal folk a bit uncomfortable. Then again, I get a little of that driving my Taurus around San Diego.

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