Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jay's New Toy

I was called back to the Big Dog Garage to photograph Jay again as he was testing out his latest toy, a brand new metallic Orange McLaren Z 90. I'm not quite sure which was more exciting to see.
This is my 4th shoot with Jay and I'm finally beginning to figure him out. First of all, he really is a genuine, down to earth, nice guy. Within minutes you forget who he is and just feel like you are talking to one of the guys. He looks you in the eye and shows no signs of superiority. He's a big kid who loves his toys(obviously) and loves even more sharing with others an insane amount of knowledge about automobiles and their history. He doesn't like to sit still. He's always busy doing something, whether it's The Tonight Show, his biweekly auto blog, or test driving some new car for us magazine folk. I really admire his zest for life.
And lastly, he happens to be really funny!

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