Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fair Sketchin'

Thought I'd give the ole iPhone a whirl while at the San Diego County Fair today. I haven't used it too much like many of my photo compadres but I can see why it so popular with many photographers. When I first fell in love with photography while in High School in the 80's, I used a twin reflex lens which produced a square negative similar to this iPhone Hipstamatic look. I love how compositions line up in a square format. One of my favorite old time photographer's, Irvine Penn used the square. I found one of the only difficult part of using the phone as camera is street shooting from the hip. It's hard to aim and shoot while not looking through the monitor. Otherwise it's a great way to blend in, being that 90% of all humans on earth most likely own an iPhone. It's also a great way to just take snaps of neat little moments without having to lug around all my big gear.

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