Friday, September 7, 2012

Gettin' There

Well, the numbers ain't lookin too good for the Month of August. Only 96,000 jobs were added last Month which fell short of economists expectations. It's a tough pill for any sitting president to swallow. I guess the question is do we stay the course and keep adding jobs(slowly) or go with another administration which promotes cutting taxes for the wealthy and adding more for defense spending and cutting money for many social programs. I dunno, you do the arithmetic. Anyway, I shot this military job fair the other day in San Diego and as is usually the case, there were many, many folks out there looking for work. I always wonder if the employers are really there actively looking for workers or just trying to look good by attending these things. I get the feeling the job seekers know this in some sort of way but feel they have to give it a shot anyway. Getting a job in my experience is all who you know as well as good timing and persistence. Hopefully things will start picking up for folks around the country in the near future.

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