Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Boxing's Greats(AFP for Hublot)

Went out to Vegas last weekend to shoot a charity event where many of boxing's great legends were on-hand to raise money for what was called a boxer's pension. This was basically a trust fund to help these athletes with their medical bills after retirement. Evidently, a large majority of boxers retire broke and suffer from a range of ailments from ALS, to arthritis so this was a good thing.
It was really cool seeing all these guys together, Tyson, Sugar Ray, Hearns, Foreman, Holmes, Cesar Chavez, Duran, Lennox Lewis, Fenech, Azumah Nelson, what an all-star cast. I was curious to see how some these guys got along after all these years. From what I remember, Sugar Ray and Tommy Hearns, Duran and Sugar Ray, Tyson and Lennox Lewis had some bitter feelings after their fights. They were all surprisingly quite friendly, well, except for Don King and just about everyone. When he walked in, no one jumped up to shake his hand.
The event featured the regular media interviews, lots of handshakes and autograph signings, and concluded with an auction which ended up raising a Million dollars. Thanks to my shooting partner David Mcnew for bringing me in on this.

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