Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The OC

I just like shot this story on Newport and Laguna Beach for The New York Times a few weeks ago. The story was a real nice stroll down memory lane for the writer and focused on some of the old school places such as The Crab Cooker, the Old Balboa Pier, The Laguna Inn, The Spectrum and some other spots that have been around for decades. For those of you not familiar with California history, 20 years is considered ancient.
It was fun going to many of these spots and trying to get a feel for what they might of been like in the 60's when California most likely had a much more laid-back, rustic atmosphere. For me, and no offense to my friends from this area, Orange County is a cultural wasteland filled with strip malls, cookie cutter condos, chain restaurants and lots of fake boobs, tummy tucks, and face-lifts. It's kind of the epitome of what most outsiders think of California when they mock us.("Like, OMG, I totally look fat in these jeans"). I poke fun but it's great fun to document.
Some of things I love most about SoCali, besides the weather, is this crazy, creative, entrepreneurial spirit. Many folks migrate out here from around the country and world to get away from stifling bureaucracy only to find a really supportive atmosphere. Whenever I hear the term, "Those crazy Californians" or "land of fruits and nuts", I take that as a compliment. So many funky ideas are created out here that have revolutionized the world. It's truly what America is all about. Peace-out Bra!

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