Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Travelers

Had an early morning assignment today and decided to stop by the airport on my way home and shoot some Thanksgiving eve travelers. It's fun to people watch at the airport, especially when you don't have to travel yourself. I like trying to guess where people are from. Chicks with mowhawks and nose rings are either from the Bay area, or if they have no color, are from New York City. You can always hear folks from the Northeast before seeing them, and when you do they are most likely Italian and trying to hail a cab(we don't do that here, you call first). Slightly overweight people that are dressed conservatively and wear a hat or shirt with their favorite college football team are most likely Southern(Texas folk will go for the Cowboys Star which is an easy giveaway). DC peeps have that coiffed, stately look. Colorado and Seattle/Portland folk have that earthy, jeans, LL bean jacket, a little bearded look along with a Sunglass tan line from being on the slopes. Germans wear shorts with black socks and always look lost. Europeans are usually skinny, well dressed and can be found at the smoking section. If I missed your region of the World, let me know and I'll gladly peg you.
Happy Thanksgiving all!!

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