Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother's Day(for NBC News)

Shot a story for NBC Newson working Mom's and what kinds of things they wish for in the coming year. Naturally, the families I focused on want more time to spend with their children. The story states that "about 70 percent of moms with children under 18 do paid work, according to a recent Pew Research Center analysis of the most recent government data."
I can relate to that, my Mom worked my whole life and I would have relished having more time to spend with her. Instead, I spent a lot of time watching too much Bugs Bunny and getting in trouble with the kids around my neighborhood.
I am also married to a Mom who has given me Three beautiful children and has devoted much of her life to making sure they are happy and healthy.
In any event, give Mom a big hug and thank her for all she's done this week. Happy Mother's Day Ma!!

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Anonymous said...

I love the last shot here, of the dog licking the child's face... sweet!