Friday, May 16, 2014

San Diego Fires

Been a crazy, hot week here in SoCal. As most of you know, there were several devastating fires around Northern San Diego County that destroyed homes, lots of brush and claimed 1 life. As horrible as it was, I think our responders did a great job of getting people out to safety and put-up a heck of a fight to save many thousands of homes in harms way.
These tragedies also bring out the best in human nature as everyone pitched in to house the evacuated, stomp out ember fires on their neighbors homes, and gave generously to the victims or agencies that helped them. It's not just here but everywhere. If we could only always be that kind to our neighbors.
Covering the fires is always a great practice in controlling the adrenaline rush that comes with such a fast moving and evolving situation. When your out in "the Shit" as I like to call it, sometimes it's hard to hone in and focus on all the elements of photography like composition, lighting, the right moment, especially when trying to keep yourself safe. I've found my best images come after I shoot a few hundred photos and then slow down a bit and start to finally compose and think about what the shot is saying. I have to give props to the many fine-tuned, fantastic photogs around Southern California from the wires, LA Times, UT San Diego and elsewhere that have done a brilliant job and have put me to shame. I learn from you all every time these fire hit.
I also want to commend the Police and Fire Dept.'s. They have been letting us(media folk) into the fire lines with very little hassle. I've heard many horror stories about limited access in CO, AZ, NM where they have kept the press miles from the action. It's very important to get these images out to the public.
And of course, thoughts and prayers to those who lost property and have been injured.


Jody Takes Pictures said...
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Jody Takes Pictures said...

Incredible work as always Sandy. If it weren't for my bronchitis, I'd have been out there with you. Until next time! Jody

alicia said...

My favorite photographer. thank you, so many people need to see thisw

Richard Badalamente said...

You got some great shots, that looked as though you were TOO close to the action. I just submitted an op-ed to a local paper here on the impact of climate change on the prevalence, size, and intensity of wildfires (we have some dillies up here in WA). I would have used a couple of your shots, if I'd run across your blog sooner. Nice work!