Saturday, January 16, 2016

Costa Rica Snaps

Had a nice vacation with me Mum and Sis down in Costa Rica last week. We traveled around the country a bit with a visit to the coastal town of Manuel Antonio and then worked our way up to La Fortuna/Arenal which is inland and has a beautiful volcano(Which we never saw because of the cloud coverage). I love how much of the country is kept in pristine condition. You don't see trash all over the place and the rainforests are all preserved very well. Tico's seem to really appreciate the environment and are into saving it. They also have such a wonderful, laid back disposition and are just genuinely happy people. The term "Pura Vida", pure life, is used quite frequently when talking with the locals. As far as shooting, I just kind of took it easy. Although I'm kind of a people person, I was inspired by all the flora and fauna in the forests. So much diversity of plant species. The Monkeys were also a bonus. Curious little critters with lots of attitude and just hilarious to watch. Definitely a nice way to start 2016.

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