Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Corporate Fun Shoot

Posting a few photos from a corporate shoot for Mulligan Family Fun Center the other day. What's really fun is my kids finally think I'm cool because they got to spend an entire Monday playing video games, Go Karts, Miniature Golf, rides and got a free Pizza party and faux-birthday party all in lieu of having their pictures taken.
Usually on shoots for companies it takes a real effort to get employees to act natural and do the job(s) they do and make it look like a fun and interesting place to work. In this case, I must say it was pretty easy. I mean, no none minded having to take a few extra laps around the Go Kart track so I could get the right shot or playing a few extra holes of Putt-Putt golf or having an extra slice of Pizza so I could snap just the right image. It was tough for the laddies but they were troopers.

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