Saturday, March 12, 2016

Corporate Campaigns

Just finishing up Two large commercial gigs which have been very challenging and have helped me grow in some areas where I've needed to gain some experience. The First group of images are from the San Diego Sheriff's Annual Report which has been a 3-4 day whirlwind of visiting different departments around the County. Many of the scenarios were kind of on the fly. Get to an office or outdoor location, meet the Sheriff's, shoot the Sheriff's and off to the next location. Most of the sessions lasted 15-20 minutes so had to really be able to think up locations to shoot, get the subjects in there and comfortable and pop and go. The lighting had to stay pretty simple, mostly just a reflector dish to fill in some shadows. I really like to make them appear as natural(not stock-like) as possible as it portrays a more honest vibe.
The Second was a series of set-up situations for a bank. This took me a bit out of my element in that everything, it was a big budget, big production shoot with models, assistants, film crews, catering and required lots of pre-shoot prep work from finding clothing props to making sure my 2 assistants got home from LA and picked up each morning on time. I must say it was quite refreshing to work with professional models. 99 percent of what I shoot are people who are moderately to severely uncomfortable in front of a camera. One other nice thing was the film crew set up gorgeous, natural lighting situations which I was able to use after they were finished.
It's been a fabulous few weeks and am excited to advance into this kind of work.

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